What Can You Get
at The Jungle Retreat

Mindfulness Meditation will improve your mental and physical health. It can help to relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, and improve sleep.

Most of us are driven by habit and impulse. A simple activities like drinking tea trains us
to direct attention consciously.

Cooking mindfully can help transform a repetitive and rush experience into something new, help you become more patient and pay attention to what you put into your body.

Walking meditation is a simple and universal practice for developing calm, connectedness, and embodied awareness.

This is a practice that can help you learn to identify what you are feeling and where you're feeling it, and learn to release the stress in your body and mind.

Rich of tropical rain forest flora and fauna for you to see, hear and observe.

Experience some of the highlights of the Gunung Leuser National Park and see wild orangutans or a whole host of other indigenous animals, with spectacular scenery and nature.

You will investing in healthy forests for today and for future generations. Together, bit by bit we’ll restore habitat and threatened wildlife species, improve water quality and help combat climate change.